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Shower Soothers: singles

Shower Soothers: singles

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Shower soothers are an AMAZING enhancement to your showers.  They are the aromatherapy you didn't know you needed --- or maybe you do....which is why you are here!  What is the difference between our SOOTHERS and our steamers? -- our soothers are menthol-free.

Each soother is 1 oz (28 g), and can last up to 2-3 showers (depends on how much water you let hit it).

See below for the current offerings and what oil(s) they use.  

To use your shower steamer:

*   Let the water trickle onto the steamer, allowing it to activate and release essential oils throughout your shower.  (recommend using an organza bag, or lotus flower dish  -  both are available on our website)

*  Do NOT use in the bathtub (these are NOT bath bombs)

*  Do NOT use around children or pets

*  Breathe in and enjoy 

*  Wash hands thoroughly after handling

  All shower soothers include the following ingredients:  baking soda, citric acid, cream of tartar, mica

The additional ingredients, for each variety are listed below:

CALM:  lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil

FRESH:  chamomile essential oil

OH-BABY: baby powder fragrance oil

ROSE:  rose bouquet fragrance oil 

SPRING RAIN:  A fruity, floral fragrance oil that captures the enchanting spirit of spring, where the air is filled with the rejuvenating scents of soft florals and fresh greens. Highlighted with notes of soothing lavender, apple mint, and invigorating citrus notes


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