Medford Soap Company Fundraising Program

One of the main missions of Medford Soap Company (MSC) is to be able to give back to the community it operates within (Medford, MA), surrounding communities and organizations that resonate with Medford Soap Company.  MSC is proud to announce its community fundraising program.

Please read the guidelines below and, if interested in applying, fill out this online form.  Check out calendar below to see what months available:

The below are general guidelines.  Each fundraising activity will have an agreement drafted that is specific to that arrangement.  Program design can change at any time.

Program Contact:

  • Michelle Corrado:

 Program Allocation:

  • 10% off for customer
  • 30% of net sales to charity
  • Unless otherwise noted, all of MSC’s product catalog is eligible for fundraising (products excluded will be noted in the online catalog)

 Program Length: 

  • May vary, but typically runs for one calendar month (charity can choose a shorter timeframe if they wish, but not a longer one).
  • No community fundraisers are scheduled in the months of:  October, November, December.


  • Charity needs to provide a copy of their 501c3 document and/or provide a letter to MSC at the conclusion of the activity acknowledging how much MSC donated to the charity.
  • MSC will provide a fundraising agreement specific to each charity’s program.
  • Within 7-10 business days of the conclusion of the fundraiser, MSC will provide a report and check to the charity for 30% of net sales.

 How to order through MSC:

  • Orders need to be placed online utilizing the website:
  • A discount code will be provided to the charity. This discount code must be used in order for the charity to get credit for the sale.
  • MSC offers flat-rate shipping to the contiguous U.S., at $6.95
  • MSC does not ship internationally.
  • MSC offers free local pick-up (Medford, MA).
  • MSC offers free pick-up at any 4GoodVibes location (Medford, Somerville, Kingston).


  • MSC may, at their discretion, advertise charity programs it is participating in, but it is not the responsibility of MSC to advertise on behalf of the charity. The 10% off customer discount is meant to encourage participation.
  • Utilize your social media networks and announce the program often --- people have good intentions but get busy and forget; they will actually appreciate a reminder of the program, how to access it and what their deadline is.
  • The charity is authorized to use the MSC name and logo in any of its fundraising activities – however, you may not indicate MSC’s endorsement of the charity or anything it stands for.

Calendar of events:

Feb 2024:  Medford Community Chorale

Mar 2024:  Brooks Elementary PTO

Apr 2024:  McGlynn Middle School

May 2024:  Andrews Middle School

Jun 2024:

Jul 2024:

Aug 2024:

Sep 2024:

Oct 2024:  Melrose-Wakefield Breast Center (I <3 Boobies soap)

Nov 2024:  not an eligible month

Dec 2024:  not an eligible month

Jan 2025:

Feb 2025:

Mar 2025:  Brooks Elementary PTO

Apr 2025:  Medford Family Network