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Cancun: Pineapple Mojito (Limited Edition)

Cancun: Pineapple Mojito (Limited Edition)

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One of three limited edition soaps to pay homage to my recent trip to Cancun. We had many different flavors of mojito -- so it was hard to pick just one to soap!  But, I think you will enjoy the pineapple and mint combination that this 100% vegan cold-processed soap brings.  'Ice cubes' float in the middle of the pineapple-colored soap, which is topped with a soap lime wedge and swirls of green meant to mimic the muddled mint.

Only 20 bars of this have been made;  so when they're gone.....just like my vacation.....they're gone....  


Handmade in small batches.  Variations in bars to be expected.  

Ingredients:  olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, white kaolin clay, orange essential oil, fragrance, mica, dried lemon.

Approx. Net Weight:  4.8 oz (136g)


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